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Our MP mod 1.4.1
[ Скачать с сервера (619.5Kb) ] 11 Декабрь 2008, 21:19

Наша редакция мультиплеерного мода MP 1.7, изменения относительно которого приведены ниже.

Наработки плавно перешли в MP Evolution: http://aow2.clan.su/load/mp_evolution/3-1-0-120.

История разработки: http://aow2.clan.su/forum/5-118-1

версия 1.4.1:

  • exe'шник мода выключает отображение доменов
  • Water dancer: +Posion strike, на серебре +Taunt
  • Fairy: HP = 13(11), Res = 13(12)
  • Shaman: +Willpower на золоте

версия 1.3.4:

  • Исправлен баг со стартовой армией кочевников, которая теперь выравнена по силе с армиями остальных рас.
  • нежить, архоны, драконы получили бонус обучения (5/10/15/20) без бонуса маны
  • Technophobe: стоит -2 (-3) picks
  • Stone wall: даёт +10 населения (вместо +5), цена 90(80)
  • пересмотрен список выпадающих на старте спеллов: теперь на старте игрок инвариантно получает базовый атакующий или ослабляющий спелл своей сферы в качестве боевого спелла, и базовый увеличивающий характеристики обкаст/enchant weapon в качестве собственно обкаста. Из стартовых спеллов были убраны holy light, unholy darkness, freedom, mighty meek, seeker, haste, water walking, dispel magic, healing showers, free movement, rot, shadow walking.
  • Cosmos Mastery теперь доступен магам космоса и полностью аналогичен Mastery-спеллам остальных сфер
  • сироны получили Repeater ballista вместо Frost cannon
  • нежить получила Repeater ballista вместо Cannon
  • демоны получили Cannon вместо Flame cannon
  • Turn undead: dmg 8(12)
  • Fire Storm: research 250(220)
  • Static shield: upkeep 8(10)
  • Pioneer: 1й уровень, MP 28->36 (может отойти от города на достаточное для строительство аутпоста расстояние за ход), – Rebuild structure, требует Builder's Hall, цена 135(150)
  • Shadow: Trail of darkness на золоте (было на старте)
  • Zombie: + Night vision
  • Gargoyle: cost 150(120); Dispel Magic на серебре (на старте); – Physical protection на золоте
  • Prospector: MP = 32(28)
  • Bladedancer: cost 80 (100)
  • Hatchling: на золоте +Morph (Slither)
  • Larva: на золоте +Morph (Skimmer)
  • Ifreet: на золоте – Flying +Seeker
  • Bone dragon: +poison immunity
  • Firecat: atk=0
  • Iron maiden: pure good -> good
  • Balloon: + Floating
  • Roc переименован в Roc rider, стал гуманоидом женского пола
  • Spawn, Hunter, Spiderqueen стали существами
  • Wyvern Rider теперь гуманоид (был существом)
  • Дополнены и исправлены многие описания
Категория: Моды | Добавил: eastprince
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I have an idea about gargoyles.. what if... we take out the flying ability? it keeps his stats, but instead of flying, has floating, he is too heavy to have a high flight.. better to imagine them floating over the floor. He has wings yes, but cant fly because of his heavy weight.
No more troubles to Syrons. ;)

And one more thing.. Eagle rider of Hobbits have 40 mov and cost 110 gold... also he is weaker than goblin wyverns or ice drakes which cost 100.
At 110 gold cost, they should have 50 mov from start... Good Bye

Call of the forest: 120 mana cost (+20), 10 upkeep
Holy and Unholy champion : 20 mana cost, 5 upkeep (-1)
Ressurect Hero:100 mana cost (-10)
Animate Hero:100 mana cost (-50)... was too expensive
Call Heroe:150 cost (-20)
Flier draconian: +1hp, +1attack.
Bladedancer:+1 defense

Pionner cost: 120 gold, +1 hp
Tower builder: 30 gold ( it costs 50 more to place the tower, so is like 80 gold cost)
Rebuilder: 80 gold

This is important too.. Pionner and rebuilder have 28 Mov and are level 2 (9 upkeep)
My idea is to make Tower Builder cost 30 gold , with 32 Mov and level 1 (6 upkeep)

This way Tower Builder will be useful to explore areas as a Bomber goblin.. ( same values , 30 gold cost , 32 mov , and level 1 ). They still have differences... Bomber has taunt and self destruct for combat and cave crawling (fast underground exploration). Tower builder dont have combat options, but when it builds the tower for 50 gold, covers a large area.

Hello , first i want to correct something i said about lvl 1,2 summonings costs:

The game classifies lvl 1/2 summonings costs in 40, 50 , 60 ,70 and 80(dire pinguin).

My idea is to reduce values to 3 types: 40 , 55 , 70 mana costs.
If we combinate Summoner+Channeler, final costs would be : 40 = 29 (30) , 55 = 40 , 70 = 50 .. so, 30, 40 and 50 final costs of lvl 1 and 2 summonigs.
Easy to calculate a summoning strategy.

Lurker, hellhound, unicorn, spider, dire boar, magic servant = 40 basic cost
Water dancer, zephir bird, chaos spawn, fairy = 55 basic cost
Efreet, Northern glow, Minotaur, Dire Pinguin= 70 basic cost
What do we have here? 6 summonings of 40, 4 of 55 and 4 of 70... nice numbers.

If they appear in recruitments sites.. like circus, lairs, etc.. their costs in gold are these: 40 mana = 60 gold ( for example spiders in lairs ) , 55 mana = 80 gold ( for example bird in circus ) , 70 mana = 100 gold ( for example efreet in circus ).
And well.. some stats should be changed in this Mod according to their new cost...

At first i'll speak some words about clerics. We're already discussing it and still didn't come to a compromise - some ppl say all must have 28 MP, others say we must cut all them to 24. I think the main question here is why do some clerics have 28 MP in 1.7. I don't think it's a mistake or something, but can't get it. Maybe draconians and orcs look reasonable, but demons' and nomads' clerics are somewhat i can't explain. So it would be great to hear you opinion about it.

Now, about spells. I like all the system about making channeler and/or summoner produce "good" numbers. Exact multiplier between spell cost and corresponding unit gold cost is good thing too IMO. Well, i like your global idea and vision of spells, maybe add some notes about exact suggestions later.

Units and buildings will be comented later too.

Chaos Spawn mana cost 55 (+5)... Summoner+Channeler makes it 40 cost... just channeler makes it 49, and gold cost 80 (82.5 rounded down)
Chaos spawn, zephir bird, water dancer gold cost: 80 (recruitment sites)

Banish summoning (spell) cost: 22 (-3) . Channeler makes it 20 cost.
Bind summoning cost 45. Channeler makes it 40 cost.
"Should i attemp bind that bone dradon to fight the other, or banish both" hard choice and important when ocassion appears.

Heroes with + Hp... some really weak heroes as Tsi Ri, that with 18 hp is weaker than many... Heroes are responsable of making this game "more RPG" Tsi Ri with 21 hp is better imo.. and so others... with +2,+3 hp
Some units of races like hobbits with +1 hp will make them a bit stronger too

slither MOV from 28 to 32 (+4).. moves faster than hatchling.
Forge Blast (fire): cost 80 (-10)
Fairy cost in gold at recruitment sites : 100 gold
Take this into account.. Summonings in gold are 1/2 more expensive than in mana.. with the new mana costs we ll have things like this: mana cost 65... 100 gold cost in circus,lairs,etc . We already know about a spider cost: 40 mana = 60 gold..
Its always the same rule... 1 mana = 1.5 gold "simple maths operation"

Violent Storm (air global spell) : cost 35 (-15) , the player will decide if he should cast ice storm (cost: 70) or 2 violent storms when enwmy approaches...
The same with Spider curse (-15) and Pestilence (-5) : the 3 lesser global spells at 35 mana. Strong global attacks as death, ice and lightning storm keep their 70 mana cost.

Strategy games always follows a numeric system to build balance.

northen glow, minotaur, efreet, fairy summonings cost from 70 to 65.. ( this allows casting them at 58 mana having channeler, in 3 turns having 20 casting points.. otherwise you ll have to be summoner ).

zephir bird & water dancer: 55 cost (channeler+summoner makes it 40 cost a perfect number)
magic servant: 45 cost (channeler makes it 40 cost)

These are my suggestions for lvl 1 & 2 summonings costs. Channeler would play a more efficient role at start.

centaurs: 130 cost (-10) , special structure hobbit: 260 (-10) , Shipyard .... transport: 60 (-40), gallery 120 (-30),.... Cosmos node with Double Gravity active, add on of Cosmos Mastery
rogues, pony riders, slinger, +1 HP
concealment upkeep from 6 to 3, water walking upkeep from 4 to 2
zombie cost from 15 to 10
leprechaun from 310 to 300 cost
all clerics with 28 MOV

These are some of my suggestions

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