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MP 1.8
[ Скачать с сервера (624.2 Kb) · Скачать удаленно (624.2 кб) ] 16 Января 2009, 19:52

Cписок изменений:

All wizards have 7 att, 6 dam and 30 HP. was 8 att, 8 dam and 20 HP
All archers lose strike
All heroes get +1 att and +1 def.
All flyers get floating as well.
Removed fire weakness from frostling heroes.
Resurgence has been removed as a hero upgrade.

Shrines spell rewards:

Magic: (12)
air elemental; alter node; bind summon; chaos lord; chaos spawn; double gravity; earth elemental; fire elemental; magic fist; summoners aura; water elemental; watcher

Nature: (12)
basilisk; call of the forest; chain lightning; city quake; concealment; dire penguin; level terrain; raise terrain; rejuvenate; spiders curse; spring rains; tremors

War: (12)
anarchy; animate hero; black dragon; city plague; corpus furia; crash gates; fire domain; fire storm; fireball; minotaur; unholy champion; wildfire

Order: (12)
divine storm; enchanted roads; golden age; gold dragon; high prayer; holy champion; mist cloak; purifying water; regenerate walls; resurrect hero; turn undead; water dancer


MP 1.8

- Constructor back to one pick (games went too long when ppl didn´t choose it at start)
- Warmage 450 reseach cost, enchanter 350. Sholar and merchant 2 picks, like expander and explorer.
- Doomwolf and sphinx -10 cost, Galley -3 hp and to 340 cost. Tank to 350 cost.
- Chainlighting is 25 mana and more powerful 16/9, bit more researh cost too.

- When explorer, expander and constructor in 2 picks, decadence and burecrat gives 2 picks also. Technophobe gives 3.
- Swashbuckler has first strike at start.
- Some new hero names, some item forge fixes.
- Resurgence is now 40/10, Static shield 30/7, Liguid form 18/5.
- Minor upgrades to 1st lvl summon, to make them more usefull.

Добавлено (27 Ноябрь 2008, 13:58)
MP 1.79

- Sphinxes got -1 stats, but drain will at start.
- Floating for ships during lvls, so they can go lands. (brings some variety to game also)
- Rebuilder and tower builder -10 cost, 90 and 70 now.
- Pioneer cost 120, still at siege shop.
- Red dragon +1hp, Orc shaman +1hp.
- Heroes have common names.
- Explorer, Expander and constructor cost 2 skill picks.

MP 1.78

- Quests spell rewards stay same since it´s over 2 hour work to balance them, cos editor reward system menu is badly made. smile Rewards got some unbalance, though not that bad, as said Gold Dragon was greatest abuse before. Warshrine stays at -10g per turn, hopely ppl learn build other shrines too and tactics with them, even when silver medal upgrades are in great use for units.
- Halfling & goblin swordsman got stronger, so possibility to get useless starting army goes lower. (Stabber and peasant will stay same, so they can be made in outposts in one turn)
- Elephants -1hp, charioteer +4mp (like in 1.3)
- Steam Tank 33mp - it´s now fastest transport in UG.
- Life domain and some overland "city dmg effect" spells cheaper. Violent storm is 35cp now.
- Druid and halfling priest can get path of life at silver. (Some other few in gold lvl) (They can return crops to litterlands)
- Racial priests move 28mp.
- 4th lvl price fixes (lords, gluttons, incarnate, lep)
- Some cavalrys back to normal hp.
- Shadow runner -1att, Chieftain +1hp.
- Fairy +1 defence (It´s no longer double gravity immune)
- Nightvisionbraineatingz0mBiEsexist.

MP 1.77

- Water walking to 10/3, was 15/4
- Doom Wolf +1HP, had only 27hp.
- Warlord +1 leadership at start II at silver, tho no III at gold. They were weaker than runemasters.
- Reaper has pass wall and regeneration at silver, stats 13.
- Air galley costs 360, got +4 hp and +1def and res, still it´s pretty weak vs tank or force ship - but it´s flying, cost may prevent "galley pwning".
- Saints, avengers, centaurs, pegasus riders gain bless at silver.
- Incarnates +2 dmg and +1 defence.
- Bladedancers and Butchers -1hp = back to normal values.
- Shipyard +5g per turn, building cost +20g to original.
- Some spell research fixes, mist cloak radius 5 = lvl 3 spell.
- Fixed some wrong descriptions.

Добавлено (27 Ноябрь 2008, 13:58)
MP 1.76

- Research races to 16/0 - they are not supposed to have mana, but the 20 research was too much.
- Crash Gates to 15 mana, was 20. In off 1.3 it was 10. It´s much worse than tremors.
- Hellfire and Sacret Wrath got +1 dmg, not possible to get them in quests.
- Static Shield and Liquid Form cheaper.
- Nomads got 10g at city size - I think it´s the least played race atm.
- Hall of Enchantment needs city size - this decreases the chance that ppl raze/caravan their town when they got Hall of Enchantment.
- Most items made in Item Forge cost less now, this is good thing for PvP and online games - and gives possibility to create mighty heroes.
- Hurl Boulder back to 12/12

MP 1.75

- 4th lvl units cost bit more, most expansive ones in construct races 360g = 3 turns with constructor and ordershrine.
- 90% of melee 1st lvls got +2hp, 2nd lvls +1hp and some "weak" 3rd lvls too, cost stays same.
- Higher lvl summons cheaper to cast - research cost will be same.
- Research races have 10/10 mana/research, instead of 20/0 - balance to the overpower of research races.
- Chanlerer research cost is now 450.
- Masteries research 1000, casting / upkeep costs stay at 600/60.
- Darkland had 20 upkeep, now 10.
- Gargoyle is good unit now and got +20 cost.
- Necromancer got -1 marksmanship.
- Archers/spitters etc +1hp, berserker -1hp
- Champions guild is 220g, instead of 240g.
- some other minor fixes, not much influence to gameplay.

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